Three White Walls

Brandon Barnhill is a self-taught digital artist with 8 years of experience, some professionally as an independent contractor building website mockups from the ground up. More recently, he is focusing on being a full-time creative via his sole proprietorship Three White Walls. Its goal is to spread something beautiful and meaningful and right now that's art.


Brandon's sole proprietorship was founded in 2017 and is being built out of a bedroom south of Chicago. That bedroom has three white walls.

The Artwork

Three White Walls' artwork is created humbly with a single clumsy laptop, but the results are stunning. The designs go through multiple revisions and criticism so the end products are ensured to have the highest quality.


Each design can be worn on any color of clothing because duplicates are made with alternate colors.


Everyone who purchases clothing from Three White Walls is guaranteed to love it.


Art Specifications

All of Three White Walls' artwork has these attributes, in line with what is required to sell on Amazon


15 x 18" image size


300 dpi


PNG format


< 25 MB file size


Instant upload ready


RGB color profile


High quality design

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