Featured Designs

A preview of some of my work

Fresh Flowers

Flowers are for everyone, especially these ones

Beautiful flowers just in time for Spring!


Save Our Home

Inspired by the fight against climate change.


Summer is right around the corner!

The Seasons

Because every season is equally wonderful

Yaaas It's Spring

The perfect shirt for Spring.

Yaaas It's Summer

The perfect shirt for Summer.

Yaaas It's Autumn

The perfect shirt for Autumn. 

Yaaas It's Winter

The perfect shirt for Winter.


In case you would like to show the Earth some solidarity

Save Our Planet

A beautiful all-green leaf with the phrase, "Save Our Planet".

Save Our Planet, Like, Now

Silhouetted leaves make for a super cool design on this green shirt.

There is No Planet B

A minimalist design with a leaf to accent the phrase.

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